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Health Care In Arizona

Health Care In Arizona

Getting health insurance in Arizona after the open enrollment is over.

Living without health insurance is risky, and now with new legislation in place, it is illegal. When you’re sick or injured, medical bills can add up in a hurry. A hospital stay is costly, and coupled with the fact that you’re out of work, it is far too easy to get into a financial hole that you’ll have a hard time getting out of. A good health plan can help you pay those costly doctor or hospital visits and lessen your financial obligation.

If you are one of the 18% of Arizona residents who missed the March 31st Open Enrollment deadline you are probably asking yourself if you can even get coverage at this time.
We are here to help. For those living in Arizona, we can provide you with an insurance plan that is tailored for you, even if you’ve missed the first enrollment period and are now wondering what your options are. Our plans can help both individuals and families meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), even if they have not experienced a life changing event that would allow them to qualify for a special enrollment period. Life changing events would include things such as marriage or divorce, birth of a child, death of a spouse, transitioning to civilian life after military service, or changing to or from a part-time job. Further good news is that if an insurance company accepts your application after open enrollment, you will not be turned down for a pre-existing condition.

Phoenix Health Insurance and Health Plan Arizona are Arizona Health insurance companies that can answer any questions you might have, such as what plans you might qualify for, or what plans would be best suited for families versus individuals. If you’re unsure if you can get health coverage, we will walk you through some options that will benefit you and will detail what you need.

Whether you are in need of a health plan or looking to change your existing coverage we are able to compare insurance carriers to evaluate the best benefits and rates for you. With instant quotes we can compare your options to best assist you in finding the best plan that fits your insurance needs. While we are based in Phoenix and Tucson we work with carriers that can provide you with coverage anywhere in the state. We may want to leave this statement out – our carrier who does offer coverage all year long only offers it in Maricopa County.

Call to speak with one of our licensed agents for a health insurance quote today. We are available to answer any questions that you may have and look forward to helping you choose a plan that fits your needs.