Any health insurance broker will tell you that one of the most frequently asked questions they receive is, “Why do Arizonans need health insurance?” While there are many different answers to that question, two common denominators prevail—your health and your finances.

We all live in an uncertain world where accidents, diseases, and unforeseen circumstances can affect anyone at any time. Even when we take every reasonable precaution to get and stay healthy, we may find ourselves facing a devastating diagnosis or having our mobility hampered by a broken limb.

This blog will explore why Arizonans need health insurance and how you can find an affordable plan that meets your current and future needs.

How Health Insurance Protects You

Health insurance provides essential coverage for medical expenses, offering protection against high costs and ensures you and your loved ones can receive necessary care when needed.

Protection from High Medical Costs

One of the primary reasons Arizonans need health insurance is to protect themselves from the burden of high medical expenses. Medical treatments and procedures can be exorbitantly expensive, and without insurance, they may face significant financial hardship.

According to, fixing a broken leg can cost up to $7,500, and a 3-day hospital stay costs around $30,000. These figures highlight the potential financial strain from unexpected medical emergencies.

Health insurance can be a safety net, covering a significant portion of your medical expenses. Before you meet your deductible, you can pay less for covered in-network healthcare services. This means you can receive necessary medical care without worrying about the exorbitant costs.

Additionally, many health insurance plans in Arizona provide coverage for preventive care, such as vaccines, screenings, and check-ups, at no additional cost. These preventive services, can detect a potential health issues before it become more serious and costly.

AZ Health - do arizonans need health insurance?

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Peace of Mind and Timely Access to Care

Health insurance offers peace of mind, knowing you have financial protection in a medical emergency. As mentioned at the outset, illnesses and accidents can occur unexpectedly, and Arizonans need health insurance to ensure timely access to healthcare services. This allows them to seek treatment promptly and prevent complications from delayed care.

The Risks of Not Having Health Insurance

While the importance of health insurance is evident, many Arizonans remain uninsured. This lack of coverage poses substantial risks to individuals and their families. Without health insurance, you expose yourself to the entire financial burden of medical expenses. This can lead to substantial debt, bankruptcy, and limited access to necessary healthcare services.

According to surveys, the number of uninsured adults in the U.S. in 2018 stood at 15.5%, with around four million people losing their coverage between 2016 and 2018. Lower-income families face even more significant challenges, with 25.7% of people earning under $30,000 going without medical insurance.

These figures highlight why Arizonans need health insurance coverage – the well-being of their families and finances is at risk with insurance.

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The Financial Impact of Not Having Health Insurance

The cost of healthcare in the United States is notoriously high. Evidence shows that Americans spend almost double the world average on medical treatments. Without health insurance, individuals are left vulnerable to these exorbitant costs. NPR recently reported that over 100 million Americans currently have medical bill debts. These debts are likely to rise with the increasing number of uninsured individuals. This alarming trend proves that Arizonans need health insurance to protect themselves and their finances.

Why Arizonans Need Health Insurance at Different Stages of Life

The importance of health insurance varies at different stages of life. Let’s explore how health insurance is essential for Arizonans in different life stages.

Young Adults: Protecting Your Future

Young adults often feel invincible and may underestimate the need for health insurance. However, unexpected accidents or illnesses can occur anytime, and having individual health insurance is crucial for protecting your future.

While young adults may not require as comprehensive coverage as older individuals, insurance can protect them against major medical bills that can burden them for years. Catastrophic insurance, for example, offers coverage for significant healthcare problems and provides financial security in case of unforeseen events.

Investing in health insurance at a young age protects your health and ensures that you start building a foundation of financial security.

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AZ Health - do arizonans need health insurance?

Growing Families: Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage

As families grow, health insurance becomes even more critical. Children are prone to accidents and illnesses, and health insurance provides parents with financial protection and peace of mind.

And because so many small employers are not required to provide health insurance benefits, Arizona families need to assess their specific healthcare needs and consider obtaining family health insurance on their own. Health insurance ensures that families in Arizona have access to necessary medical care without incurring overwhelming costs.

Aging Adults: Comprehensive Care for Chronic Conditions

No surprise here, as we age, Arizonans need health insurance that provides more comprehensive coverage. Older adults often face chronic conditions that require ongoing care and treatment. Common age-related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer can result in substantial medical expenses. A comprehensive health insurance policy protects older adults from excessive financial burdens and ensures they are able to maintain their health and well-being.

In addition, many seniors are surprised to learn that Medicare does not necessarily cover all of their medical expenses, necessitating Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plans to bridge the gaps.

AZ Health - do arizonans need health insurance?

An Invaluable Resource for Arizonans Searching for Health Insurance

Selecting the health insurance coverage for you and your family can be daunting, especially with the myriad of options available. This is why so many Arizonans who need health insurance rely on the assistance of independent health insurance brokers. An independent broker can guide you through the complex landscape of health insurance and ensure that you find the most cost-effective plan that meets your specific needs.

Independent health insurance brokers have expertise in and access to a wide range of individual and family insurance plans from various carriers. Their personalized guidance and recommendations based on your unique circumstances, can help you make informed decisions about your health insurance coverage.

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Additionally, working with a broker is entirely free to consumers. You can obtain the best health insurance at the best price without paying anything extra to a broker – the insurance company pays their commission, not you.

When Arizonans Need Health Insurance, They Need Arizona Health Insurance Experts

Arizona Health Insurance Experts is a trusted resource for connecting Arizonans with independent health insurance brokers carefully selected for their insurance expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in Arizona receives the most suitable and affordable health insurance coverage for their circumstances.

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