Who We Are: About Our Phoenix Insurance Company

Our Phoenix insurance company is composed of a network of independent Arizona health insurance brokers who exist to help our clients find the insurance plan that’s best for them. We are client-focused, professional and knowledgeable. While individuals are able to shop for health insurance plans without the services of a broker, there is no cost to enlist a broker’s help; therefore, it’s generally in your best interest to do so.

If you’re unsure of the purpose and duties of insurance brokers, here are a few details that may be helpful:

  1. Health insurance brokers work to provide clients with appropriate health insurance policies based on their physical and financial needs. Our brokers are experts on Arizona state health insurance plans and are able to guide clients through the process of selecting health coverage for themselves or group policies for their employees.
  2. Insurance brokers are professionals who work in the insurance industry as an agent of the buyer, rather than insurance companies. Much like a realtor serving as a buyer’s agent, insurance brokers work to find the best coverage at the best prices for their clients.
  3. Insurance brokers work for more than a sale. If you are presented with a complicated claim or have questions after the initial purchase of insurance about your coverage and you need answers right away, having an insurance broker is beneficial. Our Arizona insurance brokers understand the plans they help their clients select. They’re available to provide assistance now and at any point in the future.

A Few Words About Us

Our team has a history of being here for our clients. We are partnered with a large General Agency that has operated in Arizona since 1980. With over three decades of experience and knowledge to back us up, we currently work with over 2,000 brokers to serve over 8,000 group insurance clients and over 23,000 individual policyholders.

We make it our mission to understand the options that exist in the Arizona health insurance market both now and in the future, especially with the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the changes it will bring beginning in 2014.

We’re experts in the insurance market. Because of this, we are able to help you obtain the most appropriate products for your physical and financial needs. We partner with you in the search process and make the insurance shopping process as simple and clear as possible.

Focusing on clients isn’t just talk, it’s what we do, and it’s who we are as a leading Phoenix insurance company. Trust our history, trust our expertise and trust that we have your best interests in mind at all times.