Are you ready to make the most of your free consultation with a health insurance broker in Arizona? This meeting is about more than them selling you an insurance policy.

Just as you wouldn’t hire any babysitter off the street to care for your children in your absence, you shouldn’t hire just any health insurance broker to ensure your healthcare needs and financial future are well taken care of.

To help you ensure you are getting the best health insurance coverage for you and your family, here are eleven essential questions to ask during your free consultation with a health insurance broker.

Are You a Licensed and Registered Health Insurance Broker in Arizona?

The state of Arizona knows how important hiring a trustworthy health insurance broker is for individuals and families living in the state. That is why not just anyone can promote themselves as a health insurance broker or agent.

Arizona’s Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions is responsible for licensing and registering health insurance brokers and agents.

To be authorized by the state to broker health insurance policies, brokers and agents must prove that they have the knowledge, training, education and sound judgment necessary to assist their fellow residents in obtaining health insurance.

And this is not a once-for-all-time registration. Every year, brokers and agents must go through continuing education to prove they are capable and trustworthy guides.

You can verify the status of an agent’s license at the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions by clicking here.

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Can You Provide Me with References?

While every agent or broker will say they are the best, what customers, colleagues, and carriers say about their experiences is a reliable guide.

One source for obtaining unbiased opinions is Google, Yelp, or other public directories.

In addition, during your free consultation with a health insurance broker, ask for references from current and former clients with similar circumstances. In an ideal world, they will provide you with phone numbers to communicate directly with the reference.

AZ Health - free consultation with a health insurance broker - how do they get paid?

How Do You Get Paid?

One of the advantages of working with a health insurance broker is that their services are typically free to you as the consumer. Brokers receive payment from the insurance companies they work with – their commission is built into the price of an insurance policy, whether you use them or not.

However, confirming how they receive compensation during the free consultation with a health insurance broker will give you insight into their financial incentives.

Knowing they are making recommendations based on the best interests of you and your family, rather than their own financial gain, can give you peace of mind.

What Health Insurance Plans are Available to Individuals or Families in Circumstances Similar to Mine?

There are several available options for both individual health insurance and family health insurance plans in Arizona, and understanding the different types will help you make an informed decision.

During your free consultation with a health insurance broker, ask them to explain the pros and cons of each plan type, including:

  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
  • Point of Service (POS) plans
  • Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs).

Ask about the networks of healthcare providers associated with each plan and how they may affect your coverage options.

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AZ Health - free consultation with a health insurance broker will they help with renewals

What is Your Role in the Enrollment and Renewal Process?

One of the many benefits of working with a local health insurance broker is their consistency in your life. You want to hire a broker who will find you a good plan and help you with enrollment and any questions you may have along the way. But their job should not stop there.

As your needs change because of various life events, so should your health insurance. Your broker should be there year to year to help you determine whether renewing your plan is the right choice for the coming year or if obtaining new coverage is the better option.

Finding out their views on enrollment and renewal should be one of the goals of your free consultation with a health insurance broker.

Scheduling Your Free Consultation With a Health Insurance Broker is Easy

Scheduling a free consultation with a health insurance broker offers numerous benefits. Because they have established relationships with multiple insurance carriers, they can provide you with many options you may not ever consider on your own.

Independent brokers know the intricacies of different health insurance plans and can provide personalized guidance based on your unique needs. They are also familiar with the local healthcare landscape and can help you find healthcare providers.

At Arizona Health Insurance Experts, our goal is to connect our fellow Arizonans with the independent health insurance broker that is right for them. Our easy-to-use agent directory will help you find a broker in your local community.

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