Finding The Right Broker Can Be a Snap – If You Know What To Look For

How often in your life have you looked for a health insurance broker near you? The odds are good that your answer is zero, or at most, one or two times. Unlike mechanics, hair stylists, or plumbers, you are likely to meet with a broker about your family’s health insurance needs very often. But when you need health insurance coverage for yourself and your family, finding the right broker – a trusted, local Arizona health insurance broker near you who can guide you through the complicated world of health insurance – is of the utmost importance.

The challenge is knowing who that right broker is – and where to look for them. The second part is easy. You can find Arizona’s most extensive collection of independent health insurance brokers all in one place at Arizona Health Insurance Experts. Our comprehensive agency directory provides one-stop shopping for all your health insurance needs, making finding a broker a snap. Whether you are looking for individual, family, Obamacare coverage, or short-term health insurance, we have the resources to help.

As you review the names of the best insurance brokers near you in our directory, here are some tips and information that can help guide your search.

Understanding What An Independent Health Insurance Broker Does

You consult with a local attorney when you need help with a legal issue. When you have a medical issue, you make an appointment with your doctor. You look to these professionals because they are experts on their subject matter – they know their stuff. The same principle applies when searching for health insurance. These individuals have specialized and extensive training, experience, and expertise in health insurance. Their clients turn to them when they need an expert to guide them through the complicated and unfamiliar process of selecting health insurance for themselves and their families.

These professionals understand insurance and know how to select plan options best suited to each client’s needs and budgets. They can explain how health insurance works, offer you options, and assist you with the enrollment process. And because they are right there in your community, they will be there in the days and years ahead, answering your questions and assisting you if your needs change.

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Why Choose An Independent Health Insurance Broker?

When looking for an Arizona health insurance broker near you, independence means a lot. Specifically, an independent broker doesn’t work with one insurance company or make more or less money by steering you toward a particular carrier or plan. Instead, they work with several carriers to provide you with plenty of options rather than just one company’s offerings.

Being an independent broker also means that they can provide you with objective analysis and guidance focused on which plan is best for you, not which one is best for them. Additionally, you won’t need to pay an independent health insurance broker any fee, so there is no reason not to take advantage of an independent broker’s services.

Why Local Matters

AZ Health - benefit of a health insurance broker near you is that they are local

As with everything else, you can find websites and online-only insurance agencies that promise to help you find and enroll in a health insurance plan (Arizona Health Insurance Experts is an online directory of health insurance brokers near you, not an online-only agency).

But given the importance of your family’s health and well-being, do you really want to entrust it to a faceless, nameless person you’ll never meet? How do you know the qualifications of the “representative” you chat with, and how well can they know you and your needs if they are in another state, thousands of miles away from you, your life, and your community?

Conversely, a local, independent Arizona health insurance broker near you can meet with you in person and will spend the time to learn about you and your family. That way, they can help you understand what your family does and doesn’t need.

You may run into them in the grocery store, at the gas pump, or the high school basketball game. You know where to find them whenever any questions or concerns arise.

What Do Other Clients Say?

Anyone looking for your business will say how wonderful they are, but what really matters is what their customers say about their experiences. Look for positive client reviews, check to see if the broker has any license or disciplinary issues with the Arizona Department of Insurance and Finance, and find out if they are members in good standing of certified professional health insurance and brokerage organizations.

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